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You’ve just found the most popular hunting companion and video production team in the world! At Adventure Mongers, we’re all about hunting and we’re all about documenting the legendary stories of our great hunting community.  Please check out our site for more information and visit our online store for our favorite gear and merchandise.



Adventure Mongers is the most popular hunting companion and video production team in the world. Our pro hunters are talented videographers and are among the most experienced outdoorsmen in the industry. Our goal is to make your hunt easier, while producing an action packed adventure film you can be proud to share with friends and family – a legacy for future generations.



We are a team of hardcore hunters with a passion for filming, a lifetime of mountaineering experience, and a unique talent for producing hunting adventures. We offer hunting companion & videography services for big game hunters as well as outdoor companies. ​

Big game hunting requires significant preparation and investment; we've been down this road! Our pro hunters can join you on your hunt and be a “wingman” of sorts, to support you through the process. Our hunters will; provide gear recommendations, assist with fitness preparation, provide in-field & camp support; filming, photography and post-hunt legacy video production. We are prepared to manage the details and heavy lifting so you can focus on your hunt. Not to mention, we will capture your legendary hunt to share with your friends and family for generation to come.  

Check out our video gallery for some of our favorite adventures.




Our goal is to encourage hunting and fishing adventure so we are more than happy to answer your questions regarding destinations, international travel regarding passports/visas, traveling with a firearm, and more.  Please contact us with questions, we'd love to help!

video services

Do you need an experienced hunter to accompany you on your trip? Hire a hunting companion with the expertise to maximize your investment. Our pro hunters/videographer will document your hunt and produce a legacy video to share with your friends and family for years of enjoyment.

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